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Date Added:09 January, 2013

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The XILS 3 is a virtual instrument based on the of the architecture of a classic matrix based modular synthesizer. Easy to connect, easy to modify, easy to see, the matrix is far and away the easiest way to connect modules to each other.

Matrix connection brings modularity and sound design to a new dimension. More than 450 connections (audio signal, controls signal, trig signals) are available on the XILS 3, much more than any other type of modular synthesizer!

But a connection matrix would be nothing without modules to connect! XILS 3 boasts alias free, warm sounding analog style oscillators, analog curve matching, 2 pole and self-oscillating 4 pole dynamic filters, fast envelopes, a noise generator, a spring reverb, and a ring modulator.

But last not least, a 128 steps sequencer was added to this synthesizer. This easy to program sequencer can create standard 8 or 16 step fix pattern, but also much more complex rhythm for a large field of sound experimentation

To bring an ergonomic approach to sound design, the XILS 3OCOs matrix and the sequencer get their own presets, providing the user with flexible sound management options.
Although the XILS 3 is an instrument, you can also use it as a powerful and versatile effects processor. Two mono inputs can be modified, modulated, or used as modulator source or trig source, thanks to four input modules: gate, envelope follower, pitch tracker and transient tracker.

Systems: Mac OS X

Tags: Modular Synthesizer   audio synthesizer   audio matrix   Synthesizer   matrix   modulation  

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